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                Welcome to Qingdao Zhongtuo Plastic Industry Co., Ltd official website!
                Entering into the Central Plains
                Qingdao Zhongtuo Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in Jiaozhou Industrial Concentration Zone, Qingdao. It covers an area of 24684 square meters. It is a soft plastic color printing and packaging enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and domestic and foreign trade. The company specializes in the production and processing of aluminum foil bags, high temperature cooking bags, water boiling bags...
                休闲食品袋 高温蒸煮袋 水产包装袋 冷冻食品袋
                宠物零食袋 狗粮袋 猫砂袋
                三边封袋 四边封袋 八边封袋
                Fully automatic production equipment,Annual output as high as 5000 tons01
                It has four high precision automatic production lines, one computer overprint ten-color high-speed printing press,Computer printing 8-color high-speed printing press 2, high-speed compound machine 1, high-speed bag making machine 13, solvent-free compound machine 1, annual production of food-grade packaging bags 3000 tons, polyethylene film 5000 tons.

                Standardized production management,Ensuring the safety and hygiene of plastic packaging02
                The 100,000 class dust-free purification workshop ensures the hygienic safety of the products. Raw material depot, finished product depot equipped with "three prevention" (anti-rat, fly, dust) facilities All production workers have undergone health check-ups, are certified to work and maintain good personal hygiene.
                03 A group of active minds,Creative design team
                No matter how poor we are, we can't save education and design. CITIC has an experienced design team. Providing customized design service for customers to make your packaging stand out

                04 Regular sources of goods,Stable raw materials, environmentally friendly ink
                Selected film raw materials, specifications higher than the national food safety quality requirements Benzene-free, ketone-free and environmentally friendly printing inks and diluents are used to avoid benzene pollution to food.
                Strictly control the production process.Constant quality05
                The similarity between the original customer design pattern and the printed product is more than 95%. Packing bags (films) are smooth, without scratches, scalds, bubbles, wrinkles and empty seals. Strict test of inspection equipment to ensure that the peeling strength and tensile strength of products are up to standard before they can leave the factory.

                Rapid Logistics,Free door-to-door delivery06
                Cooperating with many large logistics companies, timely delivery of goods orders enables customers to place shorter orders. Receiving goods in a fast delivery cycle
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