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                Why do food bags wrinkle?

                1. Uneven Substrate Thickness
                The uneven thickness of the base material will inevitably affect the packaging of food packaging bags, so it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the base material when packaging so that the wrinkling problem of the packaging bags can be effectively avoided.
                2. Decoiling deflection of base material
                In order to avoid deflection during transmission. The best way to solve this problem is to adjust the position of the film, which can effectively avoid the wrinkling problem of vacuum packaging bags.
                3. Excessive or lack of glue
                Because the problems caused by gluing are relatively easy, consult experienced people, let them tell the normal paint specifications, and then uniform gluing, adjust the amount of gluing, which can effectively solve the problem of uneven paint.
                4. Insufficient drying of adhesives
                Insufficient drying of the adhesives will reduce the bonding force and displace the two substrates after compounding. Then we should make the adhesives fully dry and adjust the process parameters. Reduce the solvent residue, and the problem will be solved.
                5. Rewinding of composite film directly without cooling or not enough cooling
                If the composite film is not cooled or not cooled enough, it will be rewound directly. Then we should wait for the composite film to be fully cooled before rewinding.
                The reasons for the wrinkling of food packaging bags are mainly reflected in the above aspects. If people want to avoid wrinkling of vacuum packaging bags, they should pay attention to the above problems, so as to ensure the integrity of vacuum packaging bags.
                How to solve the problem of leakage of vacuum packaging bags?
                1. Controlling the initial microorganisms of raw materials. As far as possible to minimize the pollution of raw materials, strictly select raw materials, and avoid using the principle of contaminated deterioration, so as to avoid the product deterioration due to excessive microbial residues, and the phenomenon of bagging.
                2. Improve the quality of staff. Improve the quality of staff and strengthen the awareness of quality control, establish a total quality management system, actively implement quality control activities, give full play to the subjective initiative of staff. The improper operation of staff will lead to the increase of food contamination and the phenomenon of bagging.
                3. Control the raw materials of each processing procedure. Processing procedures should be closely coordinated, and the shorter the transit time, the better. Processing time, processing temperature and curing time should have operating standards to ensure the production of qualified products. On the other hand, the time from product cleaning and disinfection to semi-finished products should be shortened as far as possible to reduce microbial pollution. Otherwise, bacterial residues are easy to occur and breed, which results in bagging phenomenon.
                4. Ensure timely sterilization after vacuum sealing. To ensure timely sterilization of products after vacuum sealing, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of logistics, strictly abide by the operating procedures of sterilization process, improve the control, maintenance, and quality inspection skills of operators, avoid secondary pollution of finished products; regularly check the operation performance of sterilizers, abandon sterilizers with functional problems, or strictly correct the causes.
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