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                What's the effect of desiccants in food bags?

                Open the snack bag, there will be a desiccant bag in addition to snacks. Its function is to prevent the snacks in the bag from dampness and mildew. Usually, when we finish snacking, we throw away the desiccant wrapped in the snack bag. Actually, don't throw the desiccant in the bag!
                Because it works very well. Why? Because many items in the house are afraid of dampness, if they can be stored with a desiccant package, they will avoid dampness and prolong the storage time. So, the drying bag is very effective, and it's a pity to throw it away.
                After the album stamp album and CD are damped, the photos in the album will be mildewed and faded, the stamps in the stamp album will be mildewed, the CD-ROM will be damped, and the image data in the CD-ROM will be damaged. If stored with the desiccant package, it will avoid dampness and prolong the storage time.
                Computer, TV, camera and other electronic products are the most taboo damp, once damp, light will affect the service life, heavy will cause short-circuit fire. For example, TV sets, if food bags are kept in a humid environment for a long time, after turning on the TV, the screen can not be displayed. Therefore, putting some desiccants beside computers, televisions and cameras can effectively remove moisture and moisture.
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