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                Safety hazards and causes of food vacuum bags

                1. Plastic Packaging and Its Harm
                Food vacuum bags have many advantages, such as light weight, convenient transportation, chemical stability, easy production and so on. They are widely used in food packaging. By adding a certain amount of antioxidants, preservatives and other auxiliary macromolecule materials to plastics, it has a good protective effect on food. However, the surface of plastic packaging is liable to be polluted by friction charged adsorption of micro-dust impurities. Free monomers such as ethylene and ethylbenzene in plastic packaging will increase the risk of migration to food with the prolongation of contact time, thus causing food pollution. The stabilizers and plasticizers added to plastic packaging products are carcinogenic and teratogenic. The large use of plastic packaging increases the pressure of recycling in the later stage and pollutes the environment.

                2. Paper Packaging and Its Harm

                In recent years, paper packaging has been widely used in food packaging because it can be made into bags, boxes or cans, boxes and other forms of advantages. However, most of the raw materials for paper packaging come from recycling of paper or cardboard. Bacteria, chemical residues and impurities often adhere to the paper packaging produced, which increases the risk of contamination of food by paper packaging. In addition, most of the brighteners and fluorescent chemicals used in paper packaging are potential sources of food pollution.

                3. Glass containers and their hazards

                With the diversification and individualization of food vacuum bags, many glass containers made of silica are widely used in food packaging. In order to increase the gloss of glass containers, manufacturers often add arsenic, antimony and other clarifiers, and even lead elements. In addition, various colors of glass containers are also used in food packaging containers, in which food is vulnerable to glass dissolved silica and other substances pollution.

                On the other hand, more and more metals, ceramics, rubber monomers as packaging or gaskets, sealing materials are applied to food packaging, if not properly handled, it will also produce potential hazards.
                Causes of food vacuum bag safety hazards

                The transportation and storage of food are inseparable from the application of various packaging materials. The main reasons for the harm of packaging materials to food are as follows.

                1. Production Link Factors

                The production enterprises of food packaging materials or containers do not strictly control the quality in the production process. The raw materials used in the production contain toxic and harmful waste materials. The packaging materials used by some enterprises have buried the hidden danger of food safety because of the backward application technology in production and printing and the irregular quality management.

                2 Use Link Factor

                The use of food packaging materials pays more and more attention to sensory effects. Enterprises pursue the shape of packaging materials or excessively pursue practicality, while ignoring the safety functions and health standards of food packaging materials. In addition, the problems of people's use methods increase the food safety risk.

                3 Management Link Factors

                In recent years, the relevant departments have increased safety supervision in the field of food safety packaging, and have issued a series of standards and rules. However, with the development of new materials and raw materials, lax supervision and lagging standards exist in varying degrees, which also increases the risk of food safety.
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